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Here at Medina Tent Company, it is our mission to ensure that your event is a success! In order to achieve that goal, we ask that you please review the following policy and procedures as to avoid any unnecessary issues that may or could have an adverse effect to your event. 

1. All rental rates are based on time out whether used or not used. All equipment is the responsibility of the customer after delivery but before pickup. All damages to equipment or lost equipment will have a replacement costs deemed that of new. Equipment delivered may not be moved or relocated for any reason once delivered without Medina Tent Company approval or consent. 

2. Cancellation to orders outside of 10 days prior to scheduled delivery will not incur any charges. Any cancellations under 10 days will incur a cancellation fee of 10% of the total order for each day under 10 days. All orders must be paid in full prior to delivery unless payment arrangements have been made for at time of delivery. Any checks returned will incur a $50.00 fee. We accept all major forms of payment (credit cards, checks and cash). If orders are made within 10 days of an event payment in full is due in full at time of booking and is non-refundable. 

3. A 25% deposit (unless otherwise indicated) is required at time of booking.  Deposits are non-refundable after 7 days of booking your event.   If the deposit is not received the order is not considered reserved.

4. All orders will be confirmed by phone or email by a staff member from Medina Tent Company the week of each event. If a customer cannot be reached by Wednesday the week of their event, Medina Tent Company reserves the right to cancel the order and issue any cancellation fees necessary.  

5. Medina Tent Company is not responsible for any damages that may occur to any underground utilities, sprinkler lines or animal containment lines if not marked prior to arrival. It is the customers responsibility to know or mark where these items are as to avoid making contact with them. Medina Tent Company advises that if in doubt, simply call and make arrangement for O.U.P.S/811 to come out one week prior to installation to ensure there is nothing that can be hit. This also includes any low hanging wires or tree branch's that may be in the way if backing into the driveway is required if parking on the street is not an option.  

6. If the County in which your event is being hosted requires a permit, a fee will be applied to your order.  This is not optional.  

7. If we get to a site and staking is not an option, water barrels will be required at an additional charge for anchoring the tent safely. 

8. We do not deliver inside of a private residence.  We will deliver and place items inside a garage if needed.   

9. If there are any questions or concerns regarding your setup or delivery, we ask that you contact us immediately! 

​10. Standard delivery dates are Thursday OR Friday.  Standard pick up dates are Monday OR Tuesday.  During the busy (June-September) season some setups/teardowns may be on Wednesdays as well. You will receive a delivery details email by Tuesday the week of your event confirming your 2-hour delivery window.  For residential clients: if you wish to request a specific date and time for your delivery there is an additional charge for this service as our routes then have to be made around your request.  

11. We do not accept special requests for delivery or pick up from May-September.   

​12. Same day delivery/pickup, holidays, weekends or after normal business hours are automatically charged an additional fee.  This is billed at $60-$80 per hour per employee required for setup/teardown.

​13. All tent setups require someone to be on location.  It is the responsibility of the client to make themselves accessible at the delivery times you are provided.  Table/chair deliveries do not require a homeowner be present.  If nobody is home these will be placed securely outside of the residence.  


14. Rental requests are on a first come, first serve basis.  We cannot guarantee your order will be available if you have not accepted your estimate within 72 hours of receiving it.

15.  All deliveries are threshold deliveries only.  We do not delivery inside of homes.  We will place items inside of a garage if requested.


16. In lieu of charging customers a damage waiver fee, we require all customers to store a credit card on file in the event items are damaged, lost or stolen.  Additionally, any customer picking up items from our warehouse and transporting them are required to store a card on file.


17. Remaining balances are due 10 days prior to your event date.  If not received Medina Tent reserves the right to cancel your order or to charge the card on file for the remaining balance.


18. Unpaid invoices: If invoices are unpaid after an item is delivered, the items will not be picked up per the pickup schedule resulting in additional rentals fees per every day the items are not picked up due to unpaid balances on an account.  Or we may remove items from the premises prior to an event taking place.


19. All equipment is expected to be picked up in the condition in which we delivered it in.  Meaning, all items are to be cleaned and damage free at time of pick up.  Upon arrival, if items are excessively dirty or damaged at time of pick up you will be charged a cleaning and/or repair fee.  Fees will be accessed based on $60 per hour for cleaning and/or whatever cost is involved for repair or replacement of the item(s).


20. We reserve the right to cancel any rental due to weather conditions that may cause damage or injury. 

21. In exchange for any discounts received we expect the organization to arrange volunteers to assist with setup/teardown *If an organization fails to provide volunteers in exchange for discounts provided, we will remove discounts from the bill and the organization will be charged full price for all services. 

​Your rental confirmation/approval, acknowledges you have read and reviewed our Rental Policy and Procedures and you agree to the terms above.  

Download a copy of your full contract here: 

Medina Tent Rental Terms and Contract

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